Yeh Group

Yeh Group

Penn Asia is part of the Yeh Group. In total, the business supplies around 60 million meters of fabric a year plus some 5 million sportswear garments (excluding the activities of our Joint Venture partners). Although not a single corporate entity, the companies known collectively as the Yeh Group,  ownership by Jimmy Yeh. In addition, we continue to play key roles within the operating companies, also have many Joint Venture interests in textile businesses across South East Asia and the world.


In recent years the success of the Group has necessitated the recruitment of other experienced senior textile executives. These comprise industry specialists from global fabric manufacturers, sports brands, garment manufacturing and finance. Recently, a senior global sports brand development executive joined the Group to set up a Group wide innovation center and structure. These experienced people form a management board supporting the shareholders and helping to drive the Group to even greater success.


The tone of the Group is set by Jimmy and supported by the family members, including a next generation who are keen to integrate into the business bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Key is an inherent honesty and integrity the shapes the interaction with both customers and suppliers alike.


The fascination of Jimmy in innovation has resulted in the formation of a Group wide innovation center and associated supporting structure. In the past the brothers were instrumental in bringing in DryDye, a waterless dyeing process using supercritical Co2. The Yeh Group currently have the largest industrialized DryDye facility in the world and can supply over 7 million meters a year of waterless dyed polyester fabrics. A Nylon / Spandex version is under development and will be
introduced soon.


Constantly looking for improvements, research is being guided and funded by the Group in a variety of textile associated processes. Environmental and sustainability feature high in our thinking as does the move towards vertical supply chains from yarn through to finished mass customization.


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