Alongside our current collection our Development Team is pleased to develop fabrics together with our customer specific to their needs. Normally, we would base the request on an existing item in our collection and modify it.


This is particularly important when creating Jacquards where every customer would like to have a design exclusive to themselves. Using a library of designs and fabric grounds, we work together with our designer in Barcelona or use designs provided to us or by the customer to develop fabrics that have both design and specific functionality. This is becoming ever more important where optimal widths of band fabric are needed to improve utilization when cutting or amending band aesthetics to garment design needs.


In addition, our specialized team, is able to guide customers through the complex process of body mapping or creating garments with variable modulus zones. We can also provide support and experience in cutting of placement panels and garment construction incorporating zoned fabrics.


Having spent years working on fabrics suitable for women’s underwear our design team have amassed huge knowledge of body close fabrics and how to construct them to support, shape and enhance the wearing experience of the end garment. This knowledge is now the platform we have been using over the past few years to enter into body close fabrics for sportswear, where compression, freedom of movement and moisture management all play a decisive role.


If you are looking to create something truly new or modify what you already have, come and talk to us and we can quickly identify if we can help or refer you to who can.